Gremlins 3 Details Revealed By Original Stars


The making of Gremlins 3 was influenced by the roaring success of Jurassic World that was taken after decades of its first release. Zach Galligan played the lead in the original Gremlins. At a special question and answer session at the London Prince Charles Cinema, Galligan told the audience that there is a chance that the next Gremlin will be out after 25 years of its second part, Gremlin 2. Galligan came for a special screening of the film in London and told the audience that it will not be a remake in any way while answering the question by BBC. He also added that the director of the film Chris Columbus said the original Gremlins is very close to his heart, and there will be no remake as long as he is alive.

Expanding the statement, Galligan said that what they will plan to do is to make is like Jurassic World that will be some three decades later. The reports from Box Office Mojo have it that Jurassic World made a $1.6 billion across the globe, and the movie started from where the franchise left it. While mentioning about the star cast, Galligan informed that there will be some characters from the past and though he was not sure about his presence in the film he made it clear that he would probably be included as he was one of the few left outs since the first movie was released. The latest Gremlins started in 2014 and Deadline reported Carl Ellsworth, Goosebumps writer will handle the script for this movie.

Kim Kardashian Talks About Baby Breech


Kim Kardashian announced the arrival of her second child while in her 36th week of pregnancy. Kim sounded concerned when she informed that her baby was in breech position. The head of the baby is still up and is a wrong position making a normal delivery tough. Kim added that the baby was supposed to change the position during the 32nd week, and this did not happen leaving C section the only option to bring the baby out, she informed on her website. The 35 year old reality star informed that she is still researching other options as well. After research, the artist found out that she can deliver the baby in breech position, and her doctor Paul Crane is one of the very few doctors who have expertise in this regard.

In an effort to bring the baby out of breech position, Kim tries lying upside down thrice in a day for about 15 minutes. She also places ice on her belly at particular points to get the baby out of breech position. She also plays music in the right position. Meanwhile, Kim is very particular about the safety of her son and says that she will go for C-section if the need arises but if it can be done without it, she would rather opt out of C-section. She requested her fans to pray for the baby to turn and wish her luck. Kim has a daughter North West that she delivered two years back. She announced in June that she is expecting a baby boy.