Construction Defects – Incorrect sequencing of flashing installation

Construction Defects – Incorrect sequencing of flashing installation

Incorrect sequencing of flashing installation resulting in mislapped building paper and BCRFM (barrier-coated, reinforced flashing material), often identified as Sisalkraft paperconstruction defects law

If a contractor is guilty of incorrect sequencing of flashing installation resulting in mislapped building paper and BCRFM (barrier-coated, reinforced flashing material), often identified as Sisalkraft paper, your home will be vulnerable to water intrusion and serious damage. Properly-installed BCRFM is necessary to protect your home from water and other elements.

BCRFM Paper Cut too Short or Missing

If BCRFM paper is cut too short or missing, you will encounter problems. BCRFM paper is used to protect the integrity of your outer fixtures, and if it’s either improperly installed or missing altogether, water will seep in and create a dangerous situation.

Use of Improper Materials in Window Flashing Such as Using Cut-up Building Paper Instead of BCRFM Paper

If a builder is guilty of use of improper materials in window flashing such as using cut-up building paper instead of BCRFM paper, your windows will eventually be damaged, and the surrounding structures could also be unreasonably placed in harm’s way. BCRFM paper is necessary to protect window flashings, as moisture that seeps into your home is only going to lead to additional damages.

If you have noticed water in your home, do not assume it’s just a fluke. Water where it shouldn’t be is always a sign of a potentially serious problem, and you need to take action immediately. The first thing you need to do is contact a licensed professional to properly analyze the problem. You should also get in touch with a construction defect attorney right away, as your rights need to be protected within a certain amount of time. defective construction attorney

Omission of Butyl Sealant Bead around Bottom and Slides of Window Units between the Flange and BCRFM Paper

The omission of butyl sealant bead around bottom and slides of window units between the flange and BCRFM paper could be a construction defect. If this is your problem you could be experiencing water issues. When there is an omission of butyl sealant bead around bottom and slides of window units between the flange and BCRFM paper you may have water intrusion into your house that could cause water damage and mold growth. For help visit @

Does Your Kitchen need a Make-Over?

Does Your Kitchen Need To Be Remodeled?

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Are you frustrated with your kitchen? If so, it may be time to remodel. If your kitchen is poorly planned and you find yourself making awkward contortions to reach pots, pans and dishes, or wasting steps to get simple things done, remodeling may be in order. If your stove won’t light and your refrigerator is giving out, your counter burned, your sink full of scratches or dents, and your floor an embarrassment, it’s time.

On the other hand, you may just need a change after years of living in the same kitchen. Or maybe you just bought a lovely home – except for the kitchen, that is. Somehow, the kitchen’s grotesque color scheme, complete with horrid tile and wallpaper pattern makes you shudder.
kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common home remodeling projects. For good reason – the kitchen is a very important room in the home. It needs to be efficient, safe and attractive. If you plan sell your home, a remodeled kitchen will increase the resale value of your home.

Here are some signs that a kitchen needs remodeling:The appliances are worn-out and don’t function properly (i.e., oven or burners don’t work and the cost to repair it is more than a new stove or oven would cost)The cabinets won’t close or open properly anymore – or the doors or shelves sag.Tiles are chipped or cracked beyond repair. Countertops are scratched or burned beyond repair. Inefficient work space is creating problems in your workflow. You have outdated appliances that take too many resources to run – new appliances are much more energy efficient. The tile grout has worn away or is irreparably stained – you can try to regrout, but that usually won’t hold very well, and stained tiles are pretty much impossible to change.The paint is rubbing off or visibly dirty, or the wallpaper is peeling. The flooring is warped or worn to the quick

If your kitchen has only one or two of the above issues, you can probably give them a quick repair and get by a few more years. For instance, a new paint job alone doesn’t mean you need a full remodel, but if there are several other issues, it might be a good idea to repaint when all the old appliances are removed.

Naturally, the expense needs to be considered. A kitchen remodel is a major investment. But in safety, life improvementicarus and resale value, it pays off. So if your kitchen is guilty of the majority of issues on the above list, it’s time to get serious about remodeling your kitchen. Share and Enjoy: Tweet This Post
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Bathroom Remodel FAQ

Bathroom Remodel FAQ

Bathroom Remodeling.

How long does a project take?

Of course, it will depend on your Bath Room Remodeling project. Consider the following estimates a good general rule of thumb:•
Make-overs – 1 to 2 weeks.•
Bathroom additions – 3 to 6 weeks. We commit to a guaranteed finish date when the contract is signed. We’ll stick to it. How big will the mess be? More information

We are concerned about your privacy. As a result we respect your property by: laying down clean tarps where needed, removing pictures, etc. that could fall off the wall, using a ventilation fan when a window is present, clean dust and vacuumwork spaces and traffic areas daily, and on the final day of construction we clean the bathroom completely. Shoe-covering booties are standard issue prior to entering your home so dirt and dust will not be being tracked through your home. I’ve had less than friendly workmen in my house before. What is your staff like?

bath room  remodeling
You will find staff and subcontractors coming your home will be friendly and helpful in answering all of your questions. Ill-tempered subcontractors and workers are not allowed on our jobs.Should I budget beyond the contract price?

“NO SURPRISES” is our plan. We guarantee our quote. Our final contract price will never be altered regardless of any surprises occurring during construction. Only additional work requested by you will alter the price.Are references available?

Our entire customer list is available to you.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

Our general warranty is for one year after completion of the project. However, we recommend and install materials to last for a very long time. We have and will extend our warranty based upon common sense and in the best interest of the customer.Are you insured?

Yes – when we meet we will provide all of the needed documentation.Are applicable permits paid by you?

Yes. Can you work with handicap accessible bathrooms?

People are living in their homes longer than ever. Aging homeowners and those with disabilities require unique designs and fixtures. We work with our clients to ensure hardware, cabinets, fixtures and mechanical systems are designed to their requirements. We enjoy the challenges of designing and constructing bathrooms for today (and tomorrow).Do I have to move out of the house during the construction process?

No. If this is your only bathroom we will guarantee an operational toilet at the end of each day. After the first day, in most cases, we can also promise you a tub to use. “We are really pleased with the bathroom. We possibly will want to do a basement bathroom next year.Will contact you when we are ready.”Juanita – “I am very pleased with my bathroom design and would direct you to @