Donald Trump Claims It Was Not An Endorsement Meet With The African-American Pastors

Donald Trump, the presidential frontrunner in a meeting with the African-American pastors on Monday in New York informed that none of the participants sought a change of tone. Though it was not a blanket endorsement, there were no comments on his tone. In the meeting, Trump emphasized that they want to see victory, and the mood is about winning. The campaign by Trump involved about 100 African-American pastors to endorse his language. Following the meeting, a closed press conference was called during the weekend that was canceled for reasons unknown. The media was not invited for the meeting.

Some of the members of the group like Rev. Darrell Scott from the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and Richmond region minister from Virginia Steve Parson endorsed Trump. Parson was reported saying that Trump is the best for the black community and the country in large. He added that the community wants to keep off welfare and believe that it can be done with the immense knowledge of Donald Trump. The other attendees did neither endorse him nor condemn him. They reserved their comments on what Trump earlier made that was seen as offensive.

Though one of the participants was noted as saying that Trump’s speech lacks empathy, and this is what needs to be discussed. The participant was invited by Scott. Once the activities of the meeting became public, more than 100 leaders in an open letter to the African-American community called Trump’s remarks as divisive and racist. Meanwhile, Trump in an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe informed that his relationship was fantastic with the people here, but they came under pressure when they heard that there was a meeting by those who disagree.

The national spokeswoman of Trump campaign, Katrina Pierson told CNN that it was not an endorsing meeting as the whole group was not endorsing him. Moreover, there was concern that they were among the pastors that were endorsing. These were some of the reasons cited for the meeting turning out into an endorsement meet. The meeting was more generic, and no one came out right to support or condemn Donald Trump for his ideologies.

Sylvester Stallone Opens Up On The Character Rocky And How Close It Was To His Heart

Sylvester Stallone is known for his sensational performances in various roles that include John Rambo, Lt Marion “Cobra” Cobretti and Judge Dredd, but no one can deny the fact that the character of Rocky Balboa is unbeatable. The 69 year old actor told ABC’s Good Morning America that Rocky is his favorite character and “would love to play him the rest of my life”. The first part was released some forty years back and was an instant hit. The seventh installment “Creed” released on Wednesday and was given a warm reception by critics and movie goers. The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson in lead roles.

The trio spoke to the ABC News on the project. The lead role Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, who was Rocky’s friend and an age old rival was played by Jordon. Stallone is the coach, mentor, and father figure to Creed. Speaking about his role Jordon said that he was prepared as he fell in love with the role. Commenting on Stallone, Jordon said that watching the movies back to back he can literally see him age and it is “kind of cool”. Thompson plays the arm candy of junior Creed and is a singer by profession in the film.

Thompson said that Stallone had a lot of stories to share with his co-stars especially when it comes to making earlier movies with the franchise. Stallone said it was fun. When the reporter queried about the competition between the two main cast in the film, Stallone was immediate to say No while Jordan laughed it out with a Yes. Jordon added that it there were to pit on gloves and a bag right now it will be a competition between the duo.

Meanwhile, Stallone was all praises for Jordon calling him a professional. He also added that Jordon trained more than humanly possible making him a real pro. To complement him he also said that he is capable of knocking off bones with every punch. He finished it by added that it was not a joke. This is as per what was shared with Sara Haines of ABC New about the latest release Creed.

Gremlins 3 Details Revealed By Original Stars

The making of Gremlins 3 was influenced by the roaring success of Jurassic World that was taken after decades of its first release. Zach Galligan played the lead in the original Gremlins. At a special question and answer session at the London Prince Charles Cinema, Galligan told the audience that there is a chance that the next Gremlin will be out after 25 years of its second part, Gremlin 2. Galligan came for a special screening of the film in London and told the audience that it will not be a remake in any way while answering the question by BBC. He also added that the director of the film Chris Columbus said the original Gremlins is very close to his heart, and there will be no remake as long as he is alive.

Expanding the statement, Galligan said that what they will plan to do is to make is like Jurassic World that will be some three decades later. The reports from Box Office Mojo have it that Jurassic World made a $1.6 billion across the globe, and the movie started from where the franchise left it. While mentioning about the star cast, Galligan informed that there will be some characters from the past and though he was not sure about his presence in the film he made it clear that he would probably be included as he was one of the few left outs since the first movie was released. The latest Gremlins started in 2014 and Deadline reported Carl Ellsworth, Goosebumps writer will handle the script for this movie.