Pest Control – Termite Inspection / Treatment

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Pest Control – Termite Inspection / Treatment

Termite treatments using permethrin keep homes safe from termites The best time to begin treating your home for termite infestations is before it is even built. The most common home-damaging termites in America are subterranean termites; they live beneath the ground, building tunnels and erecting mounds above ground for agricultural purposes (they farm fungi) when no other structures are already established. Many people believe that termites can’t get in just because they have a layer of concrete between the soil and their home. Any quality building inspector will tell you otherwise. pest control - termite inspection - treatment

Pre-Construction Termite Control Solutions

Nothing can take the place of vigorous inspections. No matter what precautions you take before building your home and throughout your life in the home, you should always routinely inspect for signs of termite damage: termite inspections should become a regular item on your home maintenance agenda. First and foremost, you need to understand why you need pre-construction termite control treatments. Then, you need to find a contractor who agrees with your point of view. If you are constantly arguing the validity of your opinion with your contractor, he is likely to cut corners when you aren’t looking; costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars in future repair and re-application of permethrin treatments to the foundation of your home. termite treatment

Sub-foundation permethrin applications

There are several methods of termiticide application: the most effective is a concentrated spray of the entire area around your home. However, such applications of termite control solutions are highly restricted (for a good reason: see High Toxicity, DDT, and Organophosphates: Banned, But Never Gone? (/termiticides_pesticides/organophosphates. HTML) for more information), and you should look into your state regulations before applying anything more powerful than permethrin.

Sub-foundation permethrin sprays

After you have obtained permission from your local building inspection services and acquired any necessary permits, you should have your building contractor grade the foundation (this is usually the first step to building a home anyway). Once your foundation is graded, you should have a licensed exterminator come in to apply a thorough permethrin spray. This will guarantee your home against termite infestation for up to five years. To be a bit more certain (no termite control treatment method is ever one hundred percent except for constant, routine inspection and treatment: anyone who tells you otherwise is unqualified or just trying to sell you) you may want to have the area systematically trenched and rodded.

Injecting permethrin through trenching and rodding

In most instances, you don’t need to worry about having your foundation trenched: rodding is the most effective permethrin treatment for your home. Rodding is a method of injecting permethrin deep into the soil; termite spray treatments will only penetrate an inch into the ground at most. A long metal pole, usually four or six feet, is filled with permethrin by termite control industry standards. There is a faucet knob at the top, and the tube is pressurized. The rod is driven into the soil, pulled out, and the dirt is removed. Once holes have been established in a grid-like pattern, roughly 18 by 18 apart, the holes are then injected with permethrin gel. The ground absorbs the gel, and termites are repelled.

Termite control, once again, is an ongoing practice of home maintenance. Termites are an incessant pest. The damper climates of the country have a significant share of subterranean termite problems as well. Talk to your termite exterminator about an integrated pest management commitment. You may go through a few exterminators in your first year or two at your new home, but you should stick to it and find a quality exterminator in your area to settle into a relationship with: picking an exterminator is like picking a family doctor; once you find a good one, treat them right.

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