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Construction Accidents

Helping All Types of Victims of Construction Accidents

Lawyers assisting with personal injury lawsuits and workers’ comp injuries

Our attorneys assist all types of victims injured in construction accidents, including bystanders and pedestrians, construction workers injured in the course of employment, construction workers injured by another employer and another company’s worker or another third party at the same worksite. We have decades of experience with injury claims, including assisting victims with workers’ compensation claims and with personal injury lawsuits and accident attorneys

Types of construction accidents

With a record of successful personal injury settlements that speaks for itself, our highly experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping you obtain just compensation for all types of serious injuries, from crush injuries to amputations and head and brain injuries to the back and spinal injuries. We provide sympathetic, responsive representation for victims injured in construction accidents with a broad range of causes including:
Defective equipment
Safety violations
Failure to use proper protective equipment
Ladder accidents
Scaffolding collapse
Crane collapse
Falls from heights
Slip and trip and fall accidents
Forklift accidents
Heavy construction equipment or machinery accidents
Crush injury accidents
Trench collapses
Excavation accidents
Drilling accidents
Rollovers or back-overs
Chemical burns and toxic exposure
Repetitive motion injuries

Types of injuries caused by construction accidents

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries for employees. About four out of every 100 cases involve injuries that required days away from work, job restriction or transfer. Our lawyers assist in recovering compensation for all types of serious construction site injuries, including:workplace accident attorneys
Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Back injuries, including the spine, spinal cord, and herniated disc injuries
Broken bones and fractures
Burn injuries, electric shock, and chemical burns
Crush injuries
Amputation injuries and disfigurement
Serious repetitive motion injuries

Who is liable for construction accidents?

Who is responsible to pay for the costs of your injuries depends on the circumstances of your case. If you were a bystander or pedestrian injured at a construction site, you may have a case against the construction company if the company or a construction company worker was negligent and the negligence caused your injuries. If you were a construction worker injured on-the-job, our lawyers can help you file a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits for your damages directly from your employer or employer’s insurer, even if your employer or a fellow coworker was not negligent. However, if your injuries are due to negligence by another employer or other third party, we may help you sue the responsible parties. A lawsuit for construction site injuries can be worth more money than you might otherwise recover from a worker’s comp claim. Our attorneys will evaluate your case and guide you through your best options.

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We are dedicated to personally investigating accidents when necessary, maintaining open communication with you and supporting your case with strong legal skills and a network of experts. To learn more about how we can assist with your construction accident case, contact us anytime. Consultations are free, and no legal fees are charged until we recover for you.

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