Chris Christie Gains The Support Of Union Leader Of New Hampshire

Presidential candidate from New Jersey Chris Christie got thumbs up from Union leader of New Hampshire heating up the election arena. Joseph McQuaid, Union Leader in his endorsement of Granite State’s leading newspapers, wrote that New Hampshire should make the right choice in the elections that is just ten weeks away as it can affect the country and world, he added that the choice should be Governor Chris Christie.

This endorsement comes as a breather to Christie as he failed to stand high in the Republican primary that is crowded. In the editorial, it was mentioned that Christie is the ideal choice during these dangerous times. He furthered that the governor has ably prosecuted terrorists and handled major disasters effectively. Another reason cited for his selection was his transparency of words and he never shy from the truth added the editorial.

Post Paris attack, Christie made the most of the national security portfolio taking lessons from his experience as a federal prosecutor during the 9/11 attacks. Despite showing Christie in a positive light the newspapers have shown GOP contenders in poor light without making a mention of their names. In particular calling, the senators are those lacking political experience.

McQuaid was quoted that there is no more need for “fast-talking, well meaning freshman” to run the government and wants to learn from the last choice. He also said that others were just gained media attention speaking candidly, but Christie is the only candidate who knows what he is speaking and has experience. It may be noted that since his campaigning this summer he has been fairing in single digits in statewide and countrywide polls.

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