Hillary Clinton Expressed Her Condolences To The Victims Of Planned Parenthood Clinic Attack

Hillary Clinton came out in support of Planned Parenthood after the attacked at the clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday. She accused the GOP of the attack saying that its cause should be supported and not attacked. At the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, Clinton made it clear that it is time to respect women’s rights and health and not treat them as political footballs. In her remarks, she added that in New Hampshire Republicans have stopped funding Planned Parenthood. She furthered that in the Congress and during campaigning Republicans claiming they hate big governments but are happy when government intervenes in women bodies and health. She said that it is wrong, and she and her supporters are not going to support it.

Planned Parenthood clinics conduct health care services to women especially breast exams, STD testing, legal abortions and contraception. Clinton condemned the shooting at the clinic and called for gun control measures and condoled the victims of those attacked in the Planned Parenthood Clinic. Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were also present when Clinton called for action before more Americans die. Calling upon holistic background checks, plugging loopholes ensuring that the guns do not fall into the hands of wrongdoers, Clinton garnered the support of the attendees.

Clinton condemned GOP for not placing the bill prohibiting people on the No-Fly list to procure guns in the country. To conclude she added that if an individual is considered a threat to fly in America then they are dangerous to own a gun in the country.

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