Martin O’Malley Calls Trump Ideas Fascistic

Martin O’Malley, a Democratic presidential candidate on Sunday night, commented on the Republican lead player Donald Trump for his fascist comments. Trump earlier said that people who follow the Islamic faith have to be monitored with a special mechanism using registries or ID cards. Trump made this comment at the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Martin O’Malley asked a question who would be next in the list, Catholics, artists or trade unionists. Remarking that this is not a healthy scenario and the road does not “lead to a good place”.

O’Malley furthered that political opportunism and panic are a dangerous mix and it can lead to fascism or can even turn a republic into a security state. The audiences were not receptive to the comments on Donald Trump. Reporters asked O’Malley if he considered Trump as a fascist for which he answered that his languages sound similar. He added that by pushing ID cards and registries of a particular religion the idea often succeeded fascism. O’Malley also added that considering being superior does not mean that we cannot fall victim to these appeals.

Supporting O’Malley New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Raymond Buckley informed that the comments are not an exaggeration. Speaking to the ABC News Buckley said that elections can move in either direction. He added that the chances that Trump is a nominee are not scaring Democrats but the nation as a whole. Trump’s campaigners did not respond to the comments of O’Malley. Republicans have also come out vehemently on the comments of Trump. Ohio Governor John Kasich called it “very divisive” but did not divulge if he would support Trump on winning the nomination.

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